About Jason

Jason is an aerospace engineering PhD student at Penn State working with Dr. David Spencer. His general focus is astrodynamics and his masters thesis was on the optimization of quick-response satellite collision avoidance maneuvers. Jason's PhD is funded by the DoD's Space Rapid Capabilities Office (SpRCO) through the SMART Program. His dissertation research is focused on a game theory approach to spacecraft stealth maneuvers (further details on the research page).

In February 2017, Jason founded the Astrodynamics Research Group of Penn State (ARGoPS), which consists of three advisors (Dr. David B. Spencer, Dr. Robert Melton, and Dr. Puneet Singla) and their students. He created a website to showcase the group’s on-going research as well as initiated multiple collaborative research projects in the group, including a hi-fidelity astrodynamics library. Jason currently serves as the group's student program manager and hosts the group's annual research symposium every fall semester for group members to present their research and receive feedback from industry representatives.

Outside of his classes and research, Jason spends his time playing the trumpet, SCUBA diving, and competing in Ultimate Frisbee with his friends.

What's New

Jason is currently in his 3rd year of PhD study at Penn State. He's spending most of his time working on his dissertation research, leading collaborative research efforts, and contributing to ARGoPS' astrodynamics libary.

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